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Our hosting company focuses on client privacy by providing robust hosting products backed up by fast, reliable networks and backed up by 24-hour support. Our services are provided from our data center in Switzerland. Swiss Hosting is owned by Cyberlocker Switzerland S.A. Panama and Switzerland both provide excellent corporate privacy and are close to the U.S. and Europe. The company has developed several proprietary data security and free speech hosting techniques in the area of IT security and data protection.


Swiss Hosting cares about your privacy, and move your communications and data to a jurisdiction that protects corporate privacy, you can easily avoid this problem. It is our mission at Swiss Hosting is to provide our clients with robust, reliable hosting and technology products that ensure their privacy is protected.



Secure Hosting Packages from Swiss Hosting are equipped with only enterprise-grade hardware. Supermicro manufactures the server chassis and motherboard, and only Intel Xeon processors are used. As a result, your server will be more robust and reliable because it will use only server grade equipment. Once your order has been confirmed, your dedicated server will be online within 24 hours. You can reach the Swiss Hosting Team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Virtual Private Network (or VPN) creates a secure tunnel between your computer and our Swiss Hosting Datacenter using an application called OpenVPN. Through SSL/TLS encryption technologies, our VPN connection can traverse network address translators and firewalls. By using a VPN connection, you can keep your internet browsing private and bypass your ISP's traffic shaping and restrictions.


Swiss Hosting provides the most dependable and user-friendly server and site management platform via cPanel. Our customers enjoy a wide range of features and exceptional customer support, freeing up their time to concentrate on growing their businesses. With cPanel's customizable and automated platform, our customers have all the necessary tools to manage their servers and sites efficiently and effectively.

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