Optimization Guide For Swiss Dedicated Hosting Servers

Your Dedicated Server: How to Optimize It

Dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful web hosting platforms available today. A Dedicated Hosting service dedicates all the resources of a server to running a single website, i.e., the server resources are not shared among several users. 

Due to the exclusivity of server resources, Dedicated Hosting websites can handle high amounts of traffic effortlessly, which is why they’re used by most of the world’s busiest websites.

Dedicated Hosting can be made even faster in many ways. You can improve speed significantly with just a few basic optimizations. Additionally, you can improve security. 

Make The Switch To HTTP/2

Give The Server A High priority

Improve The Delivery Of JavaScript files

Ensure That Hotlinking Is Disabled

Security Tools For Your Website Can Be Found In The Cloud

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By: Fernando Yemail

By: Fernando Yemail

FAQs about the Article

What is Dedicated Hosting, and why is it beneficial for websites?

Dedicated Hosting dedicates all server resources to a single website, ensuring exclusive access to resources and enabling efficient handling of high traffic volumes. This exclusivity makes it a powerful web hosting platform for busy websites.

How can I make my Dedicated Hosting website faster and more secure?

You can optimize your Dedicated Hosting server by switching to HTTP/2, giving the server a high priority, improving the delivery of JavaScript files, disabling hotlinking, and using cloud-based security tools.

What is HTTP/2, and how does it improve website speed?

HTTP/2 is a protocol that reduces website latency by storing data in binary format. By default, Dedicated Hosting services use HTTP/1.1, which is less efficient. Switching to HTTP/2 with an SSL certificate (HTTPS/2) enhances website loading speed.

What is hotlinking, and why should it be disabled for Dedicated Hosting servers?

Hotlinking occurs when other websites directly link to images on your server, consuming your server's resources and bandwidth. Disabling hotlinking prevents unauthorized usage of your server's resources and ensures efficient server performance.

How can cloud-based security applications enhance website security for Dedicated Hosting servers?

Cloud-based security applications like SiteLock Security offer comprehensive website security by scanning for vulnerabilities daily and fixing identified problems. These applications add an extra layer of security to Dedicated Hosting websites, protecting them from cyber threats.


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